Paying Closer Attention To My Financial Statements

Paying Closer Attention To My Financial Statements

  • Diversification: Why It's More Than A Wealth Management Buzzword

    When you first begin investing, you hear a lot of the word "diversify" or "diversification". Why would anyone from a wealth management company encourage you to diversify? Is it just a buzzword in the investment world? For anyone just getting started with investments and attempting to make their wealth grow, you may be be inclined to ignore diversification, but you would be amiss to do so. Here is why the word is not an investment buzzword, and why a wealth management company wants to help you diversify.

  • What Withdrawal Rate Should You Plan For In Retirement?

    If your retirement plans have begun to loom larger on the horizon, slowly transitioning from long-range hopes or ideals to your next five-year plan, you may be battling equal parts excitement and anxiety. Even if you've been a prodigious saver over your working life, switching from saving mode to withdrawal mode can be tough, and many new retirees find themselves worried about spending down their nest egg too quickly and ending up back in the job-hunting market.

  • A Quick Look At What You Will Learn At A Social Security Seminar

    If you are like most people who are nearing the age of retirement, the topic of social security payments will come up a lot. However, beyond the basics, such as the age you will become eligible to start drawing benefits or how to apply, you are probably left with a lot of questions. If you find a listing for a social security seminar in your area, it is a good idea to make arrangements to go to one of these insightful meetings.

  • Managing Your 401(K) For Maximum Wealth

    Being able to spend retirement living comfortably without worrying about an income stream is important for many consumers. Retirement accounts are available specifically to help consumers save for retirement, and a 401(k) is a popular type of retirement account that many consumers opt to use. Being able to successfully manage your 401(k) will help you build the wealth that you need to retire in comfort. Here are three tips that you can use to help maximize the wealth-building potential of your 401(k) account in the future.

  • Simple Ways To Lower Your Monthly Expenses So You Can Invest More Money This Year

    If one of your goals this year is to invest more money in your retirement account, then you will be pleased to learn there are many painless things you can do to reduce your monthly expenses and free up some cash, including: Start With the Big Expenses and Work Your Way Down To save the most money possible each month, sit down with a list of your fixed expenses. Sort the list with the highest priced expense first and the lowest priced expense at the bottom.

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    Paying Closer Attention To My Financial Statements

    When my card was declined at the grocery store a few months ago, I realized my financial situation had hit rock bottom. Instead of ignoring the problem, I decided to meet with a financial counselor to see what I could do to make things better. I talked with him about how to handle unplanned expenses and how to budget for my day-to-day life. It was incredible to learn more about money, and now I can proudly say I am living within my means. I decided to make this blog for anyone that struggles with financial planning so that you can turn things around.